Accessories That Start Conversations

Learn how to break the ice with dazzling decor

Given that furniture almost always has a specific function, it’s easy to think that the function of the piece is all that matters. That’s simply not true. Furniture can be more than functional or aesthetic. Think about how many times you’ve commented on a piece of furniture, accessory or accent piece in someone else’s home and found out more about them in the process.

Statement pieces have the ability to start conversations. A bold or exceptionally luxurious fabric can convey a sense of fun or elegance and refinement. An unexpected texture or material can show off your creativity. Conversation-starting pieces can facilitate discussion not only about the pieces themselves, but also about the space, your sense of style and what it all says about you. Choose pieces that reflect not only your personality, but your personal sense of style, then arrange them in a way that starts a conversation.

Our Favorite Pieces

Decorative Books

If you’re a regular reader, decorative books can start conversations about what you’ve recently read, themes of the books themselves, authors and more. While decorative books might not be suited to every single room, they can be just the thing to finish off a study, living room, office space or even a bedroom. Choose books that match your overall color palette or the theme and feel of the room.

decorative books

Statement Fabrics

Whether used on window treatments or pillows, upholstery or even walls, a bold statement fabric can turn heads, make people fall in love and get them asking “Why did you pick that?” Consider a cute, pop art-inspired print of animals or other things you love to inject some personal flair and break the ice.

Statement fabrics

Intricate Lamps

Lamps do more than simply light up a room. Lamps and light fixtures can make a declarative statement wherever you put them. A dramatic chandelier can add unexpected elegance to your home, while a funkier light fixture can introduce character. These pieces certainly make a statement. They’re edgy, yet beautiful and draw the viewer’s eye without overpowering or distracting from the other elements in the room.

intricate lamps

Interactive Accessories

Beautiful accessories that double as entertainment, as in the case of interactive accessories, can also get guests talking to one another. A marble tic-tac-toe game, magnifying glass or antique-looking hourglass can capture the attention of young and old alike. Consider placing a beautifully bound photo album on a coffee table to get guests walking down memory lane, sharing laughs and stories with one another.

interactive decorations

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