How to Continuously Refresh Your Home

bb Interiors’ top 3 tips for keeping your home interesting

Whether you live for adventure or prefer quiet nights at home above everything else, your interiors should match your personality. Working with professionals can be a great way to both learn more about your personal design aesthetic and style preferences as well as learn how to choose the kind of pieces that’ll work, no matter how often you refresh your home.

Here are three tips to help you make sure your personality and ever-evolving style are reflected in your living space:

Select Timeless Items

Just as your taste and sense of style can evolve over time, so do interior design trends. To make sure your home never falls out of style, fill your rooms with timeless pieces that transition seamlessly from one season to the next — in addition to the trendier items you love. Starting with a rug can help. A neutral rug will let you easily mix up the paint colors on the walls, the furniture in the room, and even your window treatments. Another way to make sure that the items you’re selecting are timeless is to focus on the lines rather than the style and pattern. Clean lines and beautiful silhouettes are always in style.

Glass is one of the most versatile materials, and bb Interiors is proud to be an exclusive retailer of Simon Pearce glassware, meaning you can shop pieces from the collection at our retail boutique. These Simon Pearce light fixtures, for example, mesh with mid-century modern or farmhouse styles, while a beautiful glass vase can be filled with flowers or knick-knacks to suit your home.

glassware lamps and warm room with hanging plants

Update Your Home Seasonally

Seasonal updates are also great ways to continually refresh your home. Bring a hint of a summer into your interiors, and add a statement chair with a pop of color, or paint a statement wall in your favorite bright hue. Changing out artwork, floor coverings or plants can give your room a fresh new look without you having to reconfigure the entire space.

Using the seasons to dictate when you reevaluate things can allow you to incorporate seasonally appropriate touches, like fresh flowers or a holiday mantel piece. If not, it’s helpful just as a reminder for you to take another look at your home every couple of months. Fresh eyes make all the difference, and what if another aesthetic will have captured your fancy by then?

Call in the Experts

bb Interiors works with our clients to design a space that suits their individual sense of style. And while it can be fun to look for a collection of pieces that’ll look gorgeous no matter the prevailing trends, it can also be overwhelming to go it alone. Having an expert eye to winnow through the many options and help you assemble a rotating cast of timeless pieces can save you a lot of time and help you create a look that’s cohesive, versatile and entirely you.

Our team of designers has worked with countless clients and have experience with many different, changing aesthetics. Contact us today to find out just how we can help you with your interior design project today.