Elements of Art Deco

Instantly add luxury and order to your home

Art Deco style first came to be in the 1920s, but really took the United States by storm in the 1930s. The style is also called style moderne and is characterized by sleek lines, wood accents, geometric shapes, pricey materials, and more. In the 1960s, it became popular once again and continues to be a well-loved style today because of its versatility and elegance.

Art Deco style elements can add a touch of glamor to nearly any room or design aesthetic. Because the interpretation of Art Deco can range from general shapes and materials to more specific looks, you can embrace it entirely and redesign your living spaces or simply incorporate a few subtle touches here and there with a statement chair, lamp, or rug. Let us show you how you can apply elements of Art Deco to your own personal design aesthetic.

Add wood accents

Wood accents are often used to bring the outdoors in, but in the case of Art Deco design, the wood is often lacquered or polished for optimum opulence. Art Deco is one part high-glam, one part futuristic. The sleek wooden accents, whether a gorgeous table or an eye-catching chest of drawers, are what truly define this style—and is why we love mixing it into our work.

Art deco wood frames, art, and coffee table

Focus on geometric shapes

Geometric shapes are the hallmark of Art Deco. Clean lines and repetition make it a natural fit for the aesthetic and an even better candidate for rugs or window treatments. These bold patterns also come across as orderly and logical and can stand out without overshadowing other elements in the room. The more symmetrical, the better.

Art deco shapes - rugs and coffee table

Use More Metal

Art Deco is all about glamor, so shiny metallics are the perfect materials and finishes for this aesthetic. Chrome, gold, silver can adorn tables, lighting fixtures, furniture drawer pulls, mirrors and other decorative accent pieces. We suggest selecting a single accent finish to carry throughout the room and finding lamps, candlesticks, mirrors and art to match.

Art deco use of metal - tables and art

Incorporate natural elegance

Jade, ivory, silver and the like were all popular during Art Deco’s heyday. Adding glimpses of these elegant materials can instantly raise the luxury factor. These pieces from Aidan Gray are just the accessories to incorporate some modern elements of Art Deco style into your personal design aesthetic.

Art deco elegant materials - sliver, jade, and quartz

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