How to Introduce Color into a Neutral Room

vases and flowers used to Introduce color into a neutral room

5 ways to add pops of color to neutral rooms and decor

What better way to celebrate spring than to inject some color into a neutral room? While neutrals like beige, white and taupe are chic and effortless classics—and we do love a hushed, monochromatic interior—a pop of color is always a good idea. Add a striking element to your room without going overboard with our 5 tips for introducing color to your home.

Start small

If you’re ready to take the plunge into bold colors, don’t start in the deep end: Inject small doses of soft, muted colors like peach, mint or pale yellow to give your space a new personality without straying too far. Accessories are the best vehicles for new colors, since you can rearrange them in different combinations and move them around until you find your aesthetic. Think groupings of vases, seasonal flowers or a statement chair.

Draw inspiration from your surroundings

If you’re having a hard time choosing a color scheme, draw inspiration from the colors and patterns already in the room. If you have a bedspread with a subtle geometric print, look for decorations that match or complement that design, and see what colors you find. This strategy guarantees your new purchases will integrate seamlessly, and is a much easier way to experiment than with a new wall color or big furniture investment.

Work your way up

The bb Interiors method is centered on starting a new room design with a rug, but our bottoms up approach works fantastically when trying to add a pop of color to an existing interior. An area rug with a colorful pattern or stylish color blocking will anchor a room’s color scheme. When shopping for rugs, or any type of fabric, always ask for a sample to take home and place in the space that you’re decorating so you can envision the finished product.

Keep all else equal

One simple way to inject color into the room is to commit to a single, saturated piece of furniture. Imagine a cobalt velvet sofa in a room full of plush grey and white fabrics, or a emerald green island in a black and white kitchen. The concept works because while the color is striking, the textures and shapes of the statement piece matches its surroundings. If you’re making a splash with color, keep as many of the other elements standard for a cohesive but visually interesting room.

monochromatic room with pops of color
grey room with muted colors

Limit your accents

Avoid being overwhelmed with options by adhering to a set number of accent colors or pieces. For instance, choose two, key colors to carry through the entire room. Or, if you’re mixing and matching patterns and colors, decide on a ratio of neutral items to colorful pieces to manage the distribution of textures in the room.

If you’re interested in putting your own spin on new trends or making your décor more daring, the bb Interiors showroom is a fountain of inspiration, and our knowledgeable staff is on hand to help. Stop by to find the next great piece for your home or to talk to our seasoned experts about all things décor.